At Arpan, we envision pioneering excellence in HDPE pipe manufacturing, setting global standards with two decades of expertise.

Our commitment to quality and innovation shapes a future where Arpan Polyplast is synonymous with enduring craftsmanship and trusted solutions.

arpan pipe hammer test
arpan pipe hammer test

Welcome to Arpan Polyplast, where two decades of commitment to precision and elegance have shaped our legacy in HDPE pipe manufacturing.

Synonymous with refined craftsmanship and enduring excellence, we blend experience and innovation in every pipe. Our dedication to technological prowess ensures Arpan Pipe ™️ is a symbol of longevity and superior performance.

Join us on a refined journey where every pipe is a masterpiece, carrying the legacy of two decades into a future defined by excellence.


Our mission is to be a global leader in HDPE pipe manufacturing, delivering exceptional quality and innovative solutions.

We are dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices, exceeding customer expectations, and fostering enduring partnerships.

With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement, we aim to contribute to the advancement of resilient and sustainable infrastructure worldwide.